Whispering Willows

Everyone can use a pause from today's hectic world. I am certified in Thai-Foot and Thai-Aroma Massage, I am a Rekei Healer and a Dream Interpreter that provides services by appoinments from the confort of my home. Your break from the hustle and bustle is just a phone call away.

Like the Willows I am flexible and in some cases can come to the home of a client, for cases where a client is more comfortable in thier own home. Extra travel exspenses will be added in adition to price.

On Vacation? Not a problem, Services can be provided in hotel rooms in some hotel locations.

Relaxation * Wellness * Healing * Body * Soul * Spirit



Thai-Aroma Massage -

A full body oil massage. Please
bring 2 large bath towels (beach towels are best). If you are uncomfortable with being nude you can wear loose boxer shorts. If you have never had a Thai Aroma Massage please inform me




Thai-Foot Massage -

Begining with a foot bath.
Foot reflection massage and acupressure and massage of
the knees and calves. Please come with clean clipped toe
nails and wear loose pants that can be rolled to knees. Please
bring 2 large bath towels (beach towels are best). If you have never had a Thai Foot Massage please inform me






Dream Interpretation -

Interpreting Dreams and/or Nightmares is a long process and requires several sessions. During the first session I will explain the process, you will introduce yourself and participate in a few exercises. During the second session we will begin breaking down your dream/nightmare and discuss it. Please write (in print) down your dream and/or nightmare in as much detail as possible (include colors, images, smells, and even feelings and thoughts you had during the dream) before your first session and bring it with you. Wear comfortable clothing.




Rekei -

With a light hand touch this
healing channels energy to
balance and support the body's natural ability to heal and vitalize all aspects of the body.
Please wear comfortable clothing.







Contact info-

Carola-Dawn Deschamps
Phone: 089/15981992
Cell: 0179/6742725
Address: Dachauer Str 235
              80637 Munich Germany






Relaxation * Wellness * Healing * Body * Soul * Spirit